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You run your business. ​We’ll take care of the ​Bookkeeping and Tax Prep

You’re a small business owner with lots to do. We are a ​team of professional bookkeepers and tax preparers. ​Let us handle your books and taxes while you focus on ​what matters most - growing your business!

What you’re going to get

Your one-stop shop for all things ​Bookkeeping and Tax ​Preparation.

We are a US-Based bookkeeping and Tax ​Preparation firm with an experienced ​team of QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors ​and IRS Enrolled Agents at your service.

  • Everyone on our Bookkeeping team is a ​certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

  • Our Tax Practitioners are Enrolled Agents who ​have earned the privilege of preparing taxes ​and representing taxpayers before the IRS.

  • We help you catch up your bookkeeping so ​you’re ready for taxes, loans, or any other ​financial opportunity in your growing business.

Here’s the big problem

Financial reports can be tricky

Financial reports can be tricky to understand on a good day, but they’re impossible when your bookkeeping is a mess.

  • You have too much on your plate as it is.

  • You didn’t get into business to become a bookkeeper.

  • It’s hard to do it all by yourself. CEOs have so many duties.

That’s where we come in! Our team can help ​you get the full service support of an in-house ​accounting team without the full-time costs.

meet your bookkeeper

Hi, I’m Christy

I owned my first business when I was just 20 years old. Let's just say I have that "entrepreneurial" spirit in my blood. I was one of those "shoebox" business owners who took all of my receipts to my CPA at the end of the year to have my taxes filed. Sound familiar? No judgement here!!

Life happens -the business was sold,, and then I gained tons ​of experience working for others . I learned how to keep books ​for non-profits, service businesses, general contractors, and ​hospitality. I learned the ins and outs of bookkeeping and ​truly love the process of putting the puzzle pieces in place.

With the support of my partner, Tom, and several clients, I ​made the leap and started providing bookkeeping services at ​affordable prices for small business owners. I have a well-​proven system that several clients will attest works great for ​them. I also have an a la carte menu for those who may need ​just a few tasks completed, or something checked over. I’m ​here to help you expand your business without expanding ​your overhead.

meet your Tax preparer

Hi, I’m Tom

I'm not your typical tax guy. You see, before diving into the ​world of numbers and spreadsheets, I was out there swinging ​hammers and building homes as a general contractor. Yep, ​I've been in the construction game for years, flipping houses ​and bringing dreams to life one nail at a time.

Now, you might wonder how a guy like me ended up ​crunching numbers instead of laying bricks. Well, let me tell ​you, my journey from the construction site to the tax office has ​been quite the adventure. Along the way, I realized that my ​hands-on experience in construction gave me a unique ​perspective on finances, especially for businesses in the ​construction sector.

Here at Baypoint Bookkeeping, I bring that friendly, down-to-​earth approach to handling your financial needs. Whether ​you're a small business owner or a fellow construction ​enthusiast, I've got the expertise to help you navigate the ​financial maze and keep more money in your pocket. So come ​on in, let's chat, and together, we'll build a solid financial ​foundation for your dreams to thrive.

Here’s how it works

Step 02

Invite Us

We'll reach out to you for an invitation to ​your QuickBooks Online account and for any ​bank, credit card, loan statements and ​recent tax return.

Step 03


We'll look closely at your books and taxes to ​see what's going on. Then, we'll give you ​ideas to make things better and save you ​money. Finally, we'll give you a proposal to ​fix your books and help you keep more cash ​in your pocket.

Businessman Calling

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Book a Call

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“Anyone who wants a Bookkeeper who will do the job and go above and beyond will be delighted to have Christy on their side ”

3 reasons why

Every Business Owner Needs an ​Expert Bookkeeper &

Tax Preparer

Reason 01

You don’t have the expertise to handle the bookkeeping yourself.

Bookkeeping might seem easy at first but there’s a lot more to it than just categorizing transactions. You need an expert who can do more than just use the software. You need to know your books are 100% accurate, everytime.

Reason 02​

You don’t have time to learn how to use QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online changes everyday. You don’t have the time to keep learning the ​software and spending hours with QuickBooks support when there’s an issue.

That’s our​ job!​

Reason 03​

You might be leaving money on the table.

Inaccurate tax filings can cause you to lose money. You might also be missing out on ​revenue by delaying invoice sending and neglecting overdue payments. Or maybe you’re ​assigning transactions to the wrong catagories, or a whole lot of other issues that need ​attention. If you're experiencing any of these challenges, it's time to take action and let us ​help!

service offerings

Here’s how we can help you with ​QBO Bookkeeping &

Tax Preparation

QuickBooks ​Online Setup

messy desk paperwork

QuickBooks ​Online Clean Up

We will examine your books to find any ​discrepancies by reviewing ​transactions, account balances, and ​other information. If there are errors or ​mistakes, we will correct them and ​provide you with a pristine set of books.

We start by learning about your business ​and what you need from QuickBooks Online. ​We will set up your chart of accounts, ​customize invoice templates, and connect ​your bank and credit card accounts within ​QuickBooks Online.

Smart working dog using computer typing on laptop keyboard.

QuickBooks Online ​Bookkeeping

We provide ongoing bookkeeping services, ​which, based on your particular needs, may ​include regular data entry, bank and credit ​card reconciliations, financial statement ​preparation, and tax compliance support.

Tax Refund concepts. Tax Refund characters and US currency notes. Tax Return. Filling tax information.

Expert Tax ​Preparation

We offer tax preparation services led by ​highly skilled Enrolled Agents, who ​showcase their expertise to the IRS across ​all aspects of taxation, representation, and ​ethics, before they are awarded unlimited ​representation rights to represent ​taxpayers before the IRS.

client testimonial

What others are saying ​about working with ​Baypoint


“What can I say about Christy? I had no idea what I was missing until I left my former bookkeeper behind and hired Christy. She is always pleasant and I get reports on time. Working with her has reduced my stress and made it so I could concentrate on running my company"

TPW, Owner


“Only hire Baypoint Bookkeeping if you want your books in first class condition. Their team always do what they say they're going to do and it's always on time! Christy is the most trustworthy person I've ever worked with."

Bill P, General Contractor


“I think the folks at Baypoint ​understand my business better than I ​do. They spot things that I would have ​missed, and I got great advice from ​them. Their team is far more valuable ​to me than I ever thought a ​bookkeeper and tax preparer could ​be."

Oscar L., Non Profit Chairperson

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